About Contour

Our Mission

Contour is one of the fastest growing, Philadelphia-based technology companies, and our amazing team is at the center of everything we do. Our philosophy is simple: get it done. We stay flexible as a company and care deeply about supporting our employees to ensure they feel proud of their contributions. As a result, our team collaboration, passion, and focus allows us to deliver truly customer-centric solutions. Over 9 years ago, we set out with a goal of helping our customers bridge the business and technology objectives gap, while avoiding costly technology project delays and misaligned expectations. IT can seem confusing, expensive, and often times, over-complicated. We strive to simplify the solutions, and educate you about your best-fit options. We use a proven service engagement methodology and consultative approach. We don’t just sell technologies or services to our customer, rather we identify their business’ goals, budget constraints, and technology integration issues to develop a winning strategy. Our mission is to provide a valuable and reliable service to our customers so that they can focus on what really matters to them – their business.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is a strategy; not a place. We believe in the Cloud ECO-System. Cloud needs to make sense. We own and operate our own platforms deploying enterprise based technologies to support offerings that include IaaS, DRaaS, BaaS, DTaaS and DBaaS. Our offering also assures companies the most secure virtual private cloud experience with guaranteed application performance across the network. Our architecture is flexible, allowing customers to remain in control. Contour has customizable options for private, public, and hybrid cloud experience.

Managed Services

Many business leaders are tasked with managing a broad scope of ever-changing technologies while addressing budget concerns, staff shortages, data growth, aging technology, and disaster planning. IT is gray, not black and white, and while providers claim to be a boutique they often force you to live within boundaries. Contour delivers a suite of customizable Managed Services to help you tackle these challenges, including a 24/7/365 Tier 2 Network Operations Center. Contour Managed Services provides ongoing management of your infrastructure so you can focus on your applications. By implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure, we help our customers reduce operational overhead and risk. We automate common activities such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security and backup services, and provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure. Our rigor and controls help to enforce your corporate and security infrastructure policies, and enable you to develop solutions and applications using your preferred development approach. We pride ourselves on our ability to help businesses reduce costs, and unburden you from infrastructure operations so you can direct resources toward differentiating your business.

What We Can Do for You

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