BaaS & DRaaS Methodology

Written By: Chuck Mirarchi, CIO

Everything you need to know about a Managed Services – right here, simple condense, for the readers on the go, with a need to know!

At Contour we take pride in delivering these services, not just as a business, but as protections for your business.

BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service):

I’ve had many conversations with our owner, Rocco Guerriero, and our solutions architects, as we review the reports of companies as they experience devastation, financial loss and heart ache from the effects of a breach, hack, malware, or computer viruses.

We then revert to one singular thought – we have to get the word out to our customers, that the only quick recovery from any of these IT attacks, is to have a recovery plan. A recovery plan with current and available data backups.

I have worked in numerous industries and to a fault, everyone put a plan and a premium investment into a strong backup and restore strategy. If you lose your data, the solution is simple when you are utilizing Contour’s BaaS strategy. It is quick and easy and will give you peace-of-mind. At Contour we are experts when it comes to BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service).

Did I mention no egress fees? Pay for what you consume!

DRaaS (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service):

Disaster recovery is only as good as your business continuity plan. Continuity to keeping business operating through natural disasters, storms, blizzards, breaches, viruses and more. Strategy and action are different for each scenario – recovery is the action you take to address anyone of these scenarios. It can be as simple as a “fail-over” to an alternate active-active site, or the fail-over to a site configured to emulate your infrastructure. It can be data restoration. It can be load-balancing traffic.

Whatever the disaster is, are you prepared for it? Trust the experts who can help you with this planning. Our thinking is to help you ensure you have geo-diversity, the ability to move your processing seamlessly. Ensure you have an environment where in the event of catastrophic failure, you have planned to limit the failure size and its spread. Plan around software deployments with pilot environments. This way you can flush out new releases, containing a flaw in design and the ability to failback to a cleaner version without hesitation. Lastly, have the best copies of your data, with a restoration process that has been tests frequently.

Look to the experts to help you with business continuity and disaster recovery methodology. Contour Data Solutions can provide workload mobility across a fully redundant, highly-available infrastructure, in our secure, private network with MLPS or VPN.