Backup and Recovery 101

Written By: Chuck Mirarchi, CIO

When you Google search BaaS, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a back-end service. There is more to it. In this article I will explain how Contour’s BaaS (backup-as-a-service) strategy is all about safeguarding your data with highly flexible, fast and efficient cloud-based backup and recovery for mission-critical data and NO EGRESS FEE.

We are experts! In today’s technology there is nothing sexy or dramatic about backups – but backups are a lynch pin for business. Any IT shop – all IT shops in this case, should be performing the simple but necassary process of daily, weekly, monthly and incremental back-ups perfunctory as having a spare gasoline tank in your shed.

Is your business aware of the #1 resolution for a company who has experienced system disruptions, hacks, viruses, malware, data breaches or sabotage? Contour has the solutions – the ability to restore your data. Your data, the life and blood of any business.

If your back-ups are frequent and your restoral process has been tested, you can easily overcome incidents. Yes, easily. At Contour Data Solution it is even EAISER.

As a first step, Contour will ensure we efficiently utilize storage and network resources as well establish crisp cadences to meet backup windows and recovery time objectives. Our team of experts will provide the analytics and subject matter expertise for your operational performance and compliance.

Common challenges:

Today’s business is more interested in artificial intelligence, RPO or transformation.  But today’s challenge is having your IT Level 1 teams on a swivel – watching every alert and every ticket to ensure nothing is missed. The goal is to build trending, in order to predict an anomaly before it happens.  That is my mission! That is Contour’s mission!

How Contour helps:

  • What is business critical and mission critical to your company?
  • If you are down for 1 hour or even one day – what is the finical impact to both your business and your customers?
  • What is the impact of data loss to the mission critical applications?

This how we help –  We customize a solution that fits your needs. We use or technologies and expertise to provide solutions, whether they are private cloud, public cloud, on-premises or off-premise in our geo-diverse data centers.

What about recovery times?  We got that too! We factor into the design process to minimize recovery times as well as your point objectives. We will implement and manage these solutions to fit your schedules and needs.

Check out our process here.

How we have helped current customers with BaaS:

The best part of working at Contour, is when a customer has dire needs, we can help, when all else is lost.

This year alone, fortunate it was only three but unfortunate three companies were either breached, compromised, sabotaged or affected by malware. In each case data was either corrupted or lost.

Because of Contour’s Backup-as-a-Service strategy we knew we could restore the data in a short period of time. In one case a matter of a couple hours. In the more severe incidents, a half of a weekend. But Contour was able to restore 100% of the loss.

Like I said, ’the best part of the job’ – helping others!