Desktop as a Service


DaaS enables the delivery of virtual desktops, applications and desktop disaster recovery capabilities to end-users on any device, anywhere. 

About Contour

Giving you IT peace of mind.

Contour Cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) enables IT to centrally manage desktop and application images to streamline management, reduce costs and maintain compliance. Contour’s DaaS is delivered through a single platform to the end-user. The desktop and application services – including RDS hosted apps, packaged apps with ThinApp, SaaS apps can all be accessed from one unified work space to provide end-users with all resources they want, at the speed they expect, with the efficiency the business demands. 

Desktop as a Service


  • Contour DaaS delivers hosted desktops and applications through a single platform to end-users
  • End-users can access desktops from one digital work space across devices, locations, media, and connections without compromising quality and user experience
  • Contour DaaS helps IT control, manage, and protect all of the Windows resources end-users want, at the speed they expect, with efficienct the business demands


Keep your company safe, secure & organized

The end-to-end security to Horizon Desktop is shared between Contour and you. Contour will provide security for the aspects of the service over which it has sole physical, logical, and administrative level control. You are responsible for the aspects of the service over which you are administrative level access or control. The primary areas of responsibility between Contour are you are outlined here:

Physical Security

Contour will protect the data centers housing DaaS from physical security breaches.

Information Security

Contour will protect the information systems used to deliver DaaS for which it has sole administrative level control.

Patching Management

You are responsible for any compromised desktops and resolving related issues. 

Networking Security

Contour will protect the network containing its information systems up to the point where you have some control, permission, or access to modify your networks. 

Vulnerability Management

Contour reserves the right to suspend desktops or whole customer accounts if compromised desktops are detected in order to protect Contour’s infrastructure and business operations. 

Security Monitoring

Contour will monitor for security events involving the underlying infrastructure servers, storage, networks, and information systems used in the delivery of DaaS for which it has sole administrative level of control over. This responsibility stops at any point where you have some control, permission, or access to modify an aspect of the Service Offering. 

Desktop Types

For all virtual machine OS licensing and use (such as Windows client or server OS), customers must use their own volume license(s) purchased through their Microsoft licensing re-seller, which Contour can provide as a re-seller.


  • 1vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB Storage


  • 2vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 60GB Storage


  • 4vCPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 120GB Storage


  • 8vCPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 240GB Storage

DaaS Platform

Optimized for the Software-Defined Data Center

Leverage and extend your vSphere environment to deliver desktop and application workloads. Contour’s DaaS extends the power of virtualization with virtual compute, storage, networking and security to drive down costs, enhance the user experience, and deliver greater business agility.

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