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About Me

My name is Devin Block and for the past several years I have been a Cloud and Managed Services consultant for Contour Data Solutions.

I’m proud to say that I’m a first-gen college graduate within my immediate family. After graduating, I was thrilled to have joined the Contour Cloud team and expand my knowledge into the IT industry.

In addition to working at Contour, I’m always self-educating on new skills and topics because I’m determined to always be better tomorrow than I am today.


Industry Expertise

What does Cloud and
Managed Services mean to me?


Contour has completely changed my perspective on Cloud and Managed Services. "Cloud" is not just a place or a solution. Cloud should be a customizable strategy tailored toward the needs of your business in terms of operation, business initiatives, and budget.

Managed Services

The way Contour provides IT solutions is unlike any other strategy you will find out there today. Thanks to our unique and advanced platform, ContourCinch, we offer solutions that allow self-service and full visibility into your IT environment, making IT simple again!

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Devin Block

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