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Strategic IT Priorities.

A business shouldn’t have to worry about technology as a hindrance when it should be focused on strategic growth. Your resources should do what they do best and focus on the core business goals. And yet, organizations face the daunting problem of ever more people to support and ever more complex networks to manage — with the simultaneous pressure to reduce costs while doing more with less. Many business leaders are tasked with managing explosive data growth, aging technology, and disaster planning while trying to balance time to focus on business innovation.

This is where Contour Data Solutions comes in. We provide flexible infrastructure solutions and expert services to meet the challenges of doing business in today’s data-driven economy. Our strategic data solutions are composed of best-of-breed technologies and expert integration, complemented with exceptional consulting services. We enable your company to address universal challenges such as tiered storage optimization, backup & recovery management, regulation compliance, specialized branch office solutions and virtualized infrastructures.


Contour speeds our customers’ digital transformation, empowering them to compete and succeed with software that reinvents the foundation of computing and mobile user experiences. Contour lets customers use any cloud they choose, end-to-end security solutions, and simple, secure digital workspaces, our data solutions and services enable customers to build exactly what they need, the way they need it for today and tomorrow.

Contour helps companies accomplish the key missions that move them forward, freeing them to shape an unlimited future. These key missions align with four strategic IT priorities: Modernize Data Centers, Integrate Public Clouds, Empower the Digital Workspace and Transform Security.

We help make it simple.

Let us handle your day-to-day IT management issues, while you focus on your core business capabilities, not IT.

Our Advantages

Comprehensive solution consultation and design services to meet your particular project objectives

Converged infrastructure solutions offer organizations sophisticated IT infrastructure options

Maximize physical resources with virtualization solutions

Strong vendor relationship support expedited implementation and installation services

Transform and simplify IT environments with efficient data storage management solutions

The Contour team identifies customers’ business goals, budget constraints, and technology integration issues to develop a winning strategy.

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