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Contour Data Solutions is an expert at providing IT support and solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Contour’s primary objective is to provide RealityCorp users with next generation automation technology that saves both time and cost while not compromising on quality or process. 

Select from a variety of support levels outlined below or chat with a representative to learn more! We look forward to providing you with exceptional managed IT services. 

ClinTest Automation Suite

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ClinTest Automation Suite

  • Capability to generate, automatically, Call Flow paths with captured wav file and corresponding prompt text
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology allows for real-time transcriptions of IVR phone prompts
  • Expected vs. Actual prompt accuracy comparison with option to set comparison accuracy levels from 0-100%
  • Support DTMF, To to Speech, and wav playback inputs for tone and speech driven input/output systems
  • Real-time recording of phone prompts captured per test step with accompanying text expected/actual comparison percentages
  • Support IVR systems that perform both inbound and outbound calling with capability to connect to browser based applications and if required to reconnect back to the IVR application 
  • Intelligently, using conditional statements, traverses IVR call flow paths to emulate real customer calls
  • Reach all call flow endpoints including all positive/negative testing and invalid entries
  • Supports the presentation of customer data to the agent’s desktop for further live interaction 
  • Interacts with a wide range of web and windows-based controls
  • Compatible with multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • Real-time screen captures of each web interaction captured per test step
  • Test script driven automation eliminates the constraints of record-playback
  • Easy to use, pre-validated testing actions allow for quick adoption and implementation for both the novice and experienced user. 
  • Advanced test script interface allows for rapid test script creation
  • Capability to launch both IVR and Web test scripts during the same regression run
  • Data Driven testing allows for the creation of complex and dynamic test scenarios through use of global, environmental, and local variables
  • Creation of test script common modules and automation routines provides re-usability and eliminates repetitive scripting 
  • Execution User Interface allows for quick review of test results
  • Common framework validation activities including database, xml, data conversions, and conditional logic provides flexibility for full software application testing and validation
  • Instant output documentation provides comprehensive step level results and embedded objective evidence for all testing activities
  • E-mail alerts, task scheduler, and robust batch execution allows users to execute large numbers of test cases around the clock without the need to monitor progress 

How It Works

Support Desk

Our team is uniquely positioned to offer all our clients guaranteed domestic support.

Ticket Triage

A simple way to make sure that every call is answered by a live, experienced technical analyst.

24/7 Support

During business hours or not, ContourCares will always be there for you 24/7/365

Application Support

We also support business solutions for departments like marketing and operations.

Customer care

Every interaction defines the relationship and makes or breaks end-user satisfaction.

On-site Support

ContourCares provides onsite support as needed or as a full-time resource.

What Makes Us Special

ContourCinch makes it possible for organizations to manage applications across data centers and different 

cloud platforms and seamlessly move applications between clouds as requirements change.

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(Monthly Package: $1,000/per month)

  • 24/7 Self-Service Cloud hosted by Contour Data Solutions
  • Virtual Desktop with access via HorizonView
  • MSOffice Suite
  • Unlimited ClinTest access and usage for test script development/execution/reviewing test result outcomes
  • Window Scheduler to invoke scheduled regression executions off hours
  • SQL Data Base: repository for all testing results generated per test script execution or regression run

*One month notice for cloud instance deactivation
with Monthly Package

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per hour

  • Packages available in 10, 20, 30-hour increments
  • Used for: Training, test script design, development, debugging, ClinTest advance features, etc.
  • Professional Services Support
  • Technical IT Support

Frequently asked questions

RealityCorp focuses on IVR testing products and corresponding support services. Our functional automation tool utilizes our proprietary automation framework, ClinTestTM. By adopting ClinTestTM the testing platform as a business solution, along with our testing partner, TelcoAlert, we can provide the total IVR testing solution: Automated Call Flow Generation/Mapping, Automated Functional Testing, Volume/Stress Testing and Monitoring. Our clients, using our testing solutions benefit from the potential to accelerate the software development life cycle, increase application quality and enhance customer satisfaction and retention. 

Our easy to use and access testing platform enables the user to test the entire IVR development cycle from the validation of business requirement specifications to the quality of the IVR applications’ interaction and performance. 

  • ClinTest replaces manual testing effort with the computer where TIME and QUALITY is critical
  • Speed and time to market is a primary objective
  • Better staff utilization
  • Lower cost across the board
  • Improved Quality – more time spent testing critical system areas
  • Better end customer experience, satisfaction & retention

Contour Data Solutions provides exceptional managed IT services and support. Contour also offers a user-friendly automation and management platform called, ContourCinch. ContourCinch gives you the ability to be in full control of your servers, software, network, payments, support etc. 

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