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Just because you might be a small business doesn’t mean your data is any less critical to your daily operations & future growth. Contour Data Solutions partnered with Veeam to offer solutions coupled with services & expertise in a platform that is powerful, easy to use, and affordable.

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Protect your data with Veeam-powered solutions from Contour Data Solutions

Operating a small business can be overwhelming. You’re managing your own IT with limited time, smaller budgets and fewer resources. You’re forced to do more with less. This is why you need a backup solution that just works and can save you valuable time and money.

Veeam provides a single platform for cloud, virtual and physical backup, overcoming the “3C Backup Problem,” which is a lack of capabilities, complexity and cost by providing the best backup solutions for small businesses.

Plus with 24-7 services and deep expertise from Contour Data Solutions, you can rest easy knowing ALL your data is protected, no matter where it resides.


Reliable backup and fast restores will eliminate the risk of data loss and downtime. More than a decade of data protection leadership and innovation, eliminating the biggest backup challenges.


Simple installation and management that doesn’t require special skills, a large staff or a steep learning curve. Backup and recovery that just works, backed by excellent support and an engaged community.


Specially packaged pricing for small businesses with built-in license portability that can evolve with you and your business. A quick and achievable ROI; just what a small business needs.

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As a Veeam partner, Contour believes our products provide unparalleled backup and recovery and would love for you to take them for a spin.

Get in touch with one of our solutions experts. Talk to your friends in the industry and see what they say about Veeam, or talk to those people you can’t stand even. Just talk to people! We’re up for the challenge.

Our mission is to deliver a modern platform that can cover today’s backup needs, but more importantly can expand and adapt around whatever you’ll need in the future (cloud workloads, cloud mobility, optimization, etc.).

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