We are committed to you.

Contour is focused on helping our communities stay safe and connected.

Our Approach

A Note From Contour's CEO

For nearly 12 years, we have been honored by the trust that our clients place in us to run their mission-critical business processes. Contour truly understands how challenging of a time this is for our customers and other businesses. But, in the face of that challenge, we also see opportunity. We see the opportunity to invest in the connections to each other that bring meaning to our work, the opportunity to lean on our company values and do what we believe is right, and the opportunity to support each other and to make our community even stronger.

Our goal is to help you protect your business and provide you with the ability to recover all your applications and servers in the Contour Cloud so that you can continue to run your business no matter what.

In an effort to support clients in this crisis especially as COVID-19 continues to spread, we have designed a simple 3 step process to keep your business safe and mitigate risk. Our solution will help protect your business from disasters like power loss, hacking and phishing, and any other social disruptions that could potentially occur.

Contour has taken on many complex challenges, and used our technologies to help others. As we continue to navigate this new normal, our commitment to you is that we will do whatever we can to support your organizations, share our learnings and help those who need it most. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact your account team or the Contour Cares Support team at sales@contourds.com.

Kindness and patients will get us through this and we are here for you.

Rocco Guerriero

Working together to protect your
business in 3 simple steps:


Building out a Cloud Eco-System

This will allow you to move servers and applications to Cloud Service Providers in the event that your facility becomes inaccessible.


Deploy your AD Server to the Cloud

Deploy your AD Server to a cloud platform so all third party applications such as O365, Salesforce.com and QuickBooks will be accessible and protected by the security controls you put in place.


Sending your backups to the Cloud

Backup your data to the cloud. This will ensure you that if you have a cyber attack and/or business outage, you can always access your data and more importantly, recover in the cloud.

As part of our Working Together Program, Contour
is providing free of charge for the following services:

Free Virtual Private Cloud

Allowing you to build a Cloud Eco-System bridging your current Data Center with the Contour Cloud for seamless migrations of workloads to and from your data center

$250 value /month

Free Active Directory Server

Allowing you to connect all your SAS applications and integrate into ContourCinch so that you may benefit from self-service capabilities

$99 value /month

No Admin

We will be waiving all fees when leveraging a credit card to pay for your services though ContourCinch

Save up to 3% of total transaction

Full Access to ContourCinch

Online tools and support to improve your IT Operations support infrastructure


Contour can help customers prepare for the following scenarios related to business continuity and remote workers:

Additional Support

The following services will be provided at a discounted rate:

We are certain that these services will protect you in the event of a larger disaster or office closure. Our goal is to help protect your business and provide you with the ability to recover all your applications and servers in the Contour Cloud so that you can continue to run your business no matter what!

Backup to the Cloud

Disaster Recovery (DR) to the Cloud

Desktop as a Services (Virtual Desktop - Remote Employee)

Virtual Servers

Managed Services (Data Center, Networking and Servers)

Help Desk – Remote Employee Support

Supporting our customers on their most
critical issues remains our top priority.


The VPC will be shut down by September 1st 2020.  Contour will notify you before shutting it down.

Yes, however, you will only be given 2 VPCU, 2 GB of Memory and 100 GB of disk. 

Yes, as long as you are a customer in good standing, the VPC and free server remain free.

Yes, however, other products and services offered by Contour will require payment for those services.

As soon as you are ready we will have you spend an hour with our team going though a Q&A to help us understand your business model.  We promise, its quick and painless.

Customers are required to provide their own AD server.  However, Contour will build an AD server with a Statement of Work.